Testnet Faucet

Request Funds

  1. To request for Testnet PUNDIX click on this link

  2. Input your address (be sure to choose the correct wallet type for the network you wish to receive funds in)

  3. Choose from the dropdown the appropriate network and coin/token type

Viewing your wallet balances

  • You may view your balance on f(x)wallet which also allows for a more seamless way of transaction. You may download f(x)wallet from the Appstore or Google Play here.

  • Once downloaded, enter into the settings configuration, (the button is on the top right, there is a settings icon)

    • Under general/Network Configuration, ensure your PundiX is toggled to Testnet

  • You may view your PUNDIX balance from the f(x)Wallet or the PundiX Testnet Explorer/PundiX Mainnet Explorer.

  • Alternatively, to query your validator account balance (token holding account):

pundixd q bank balances <token holding account public address>

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