Cloud Setup

Simple SSH

  • Choose a cloud instance based on the requirements specified in here

  • The estimated cost is about 80-100 USD per month

  • Pundi X Chain is system agnostic but Ubuntu is preferred

Remoting into the cloud server

  • For windows users, download Gitbash or Putty (Gitbash is preferred).

  • For Mac and linux users, you can connect via the terminal More instructions below:

  • Once setup, ssh into the cloud instance ssh <ssh_id>@<IP address> eg.

ssh root@

Connecting your localhost to the cloud instance (ssh port forwarding)

Running the command ssh -L<ssh_id>@<IP address> connects your local port 26657 with your cloud's port 26657. This is just one of the way you can connect your local machine with your cloud instance to connect your HD wallets. The command should look something like:

ssh -L root@

You must ensure you have pundixd installed in your local machine.

Alternatively, you can add the --node flag and ensure that your IP address has either been whitelisted or your port is open. Also you can consider configuring your config.toml file to set your node up.

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